6 ways for brides to bust pre-wedding stress

Recent bride Rosie O’Brien offers some tips and tricks to stay sane this wedding season

Moaning mothers and bickering bridesmaids are enough to send any bride a little cuckoo in the run-up to the wedding. I know, I’ve been there.

So to do my part in keeping all future brides that little bit more sane, here are my top tips for some much needed pre-wedding relaxation.

Run away

Run away, get out of town … and do some yoga … or in this case, a lot of yoga. I do not need to preach on the many benefits of the practice, so instead of squeezing a class in here and there during your already packed week, arrange a full on retreat to really reset yourself. DetoxYogi Sussex is a great spot and will do wonders for your body and mind alike.

Stay at home

Don’t have time to get away? Then make the most of staying exactly where you are. Urban Massage will bring a relaxing massage straight to your door and its upmarket rival City Luxe Massage even creates a spa environment at home with relaxing music and spa aromas. You will be so lost in the moment that you’ll soon forget all about your cousin’s fruitarian dietary requirement. And if wedding planning is really stressing you out, why not make it a weekly treat for after your regular Sunday wedmin stint? You can thank me later.


Whether you’re into the benefits of aromatherapy or not, there is no denying that lavender has a nice calming effect. So set aside some time to snuggle up in bed, light a lavender candle and watch some easy going films to drift away to. Be warned – My Best Friend’s Wedding, Bride Wars or Bridesmaids are not good options – do save these classics for your hen-do weekend.

Get organised

Whilst you don’t need another person pressuring you to get organised, there is a shortcut you will thank me for. Delete the Excel spreadsheet, throw away the endless lists spilling out of your scrapbook and put everything in one place with Bridebook.co.uk, the super-savvy online wedding planner. Contact your suppliers, create your guestlist and keep track of your budget all in one place. Now there’s really no excuse to complain about wedmin with this.


Don’t hesitate to get your friends and family involved and start delegating. If they offer, say yes. If they don’t, ask them (nicely) anyway. Don’t be a martyr when you can easily share out some of your jobs to others. You will find your list will get a lot shorter when you do.


Plan B

And if none of these tips help and all else fails, try covering up the stress you feel inside with some serious facial pampering. The Nouveau A Lift anti-aging facial is an amazing non-surgical treatment that stimulates the muscles in your face, raising the brow and hiding those frown lines. Simple.

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