Why Is It Better To Have A Whole Body Massage

As opposite to targeting the problematic area only?? CityLux senior therapist Patricias has written article on this, read it here:

Before I answer the question from the title I think we should start from answering another question: how long should you book a massage for? One hour? 90 minutes? Longer?
The answer is pretty simple. If all you need is a relaxing massage after stressful day or week or if you are jet lagged – one hour treatment will be enough for you. Of course you can book longer session but one hour would do the work.
If you have any tensions or pains in your body, if there is an area (or areas) that require more attention I would recommend going for 90 minute treatment. Why? Because the therapist can spend that extra half an hour on those problematic areas and spend more time on getting rid of soreness and knots. If you are short on time and one hour is really what you have but still want the massage to be more effective – I would recommend spending the whole hour on the back of your body only.

And now let’s come back to the title.
As a therapist sometimes I hear clients complain about pain in certain areas and therefore they want me to massage only those areas – for example lower legs , lower back and right shoulder. I am being asked to skip other parts of the body. I  dont like doing this. Not only because it is some kind of my personal issue but simply because I know it is not good for you!
Here are some reasons why…..

There is such a thing like ‘referral pain’. That means you may feel pain in one place, but the source of that pain is somewhere else. For example – you experience pain in lower back, but that is because of the tension in your glutes. Or even more common one: you suffer from migrane or headache but it is caused by sore and tensed muscles of neck and shoulders. Therefore to get rid of that headache the therapist doesn’t even have to touch your head but focus on neck and shoulders instead. If a therapist is ‘allowed’ to work on every muscle, she/he would find all the sore areas. Otherwise they would tackle the painful spot and may get rid of pain temporarily, but won’t get rid of the source of the pain.

All the muscles in your body are connected. And all the muscles work together. Let’s say you experience pain in the left hip. That hip is already weak and sore. Which means your right hip has to work twice as hard and is probably tensed as well, you just don’t feel the pain there yet. What’s more, other muscles around your painful hip also would take over and work harder. That means to tackle your left hip the therapist shouldn’t only massage left hip. He or she should at least massage both your thighs, glutes, lower back and probably even the whole back as sore hip may cause your posture to be slightly deformed.

Energy flow and transport of nutrients. The massage is about the energy as well. We move this good energy around your body. We improve the blood circulation and therefore we help transporting the oxygen and nutrients to all the parts of your body. If I massage only your calves and then I move to your back…. The good energy and the nutrients stop….. at your knees! They are not being pushed up towards your heart.

The conclusion is….. At CityLux we are amazing therapists who know what we are doing. Our job is to help you and make you feel better as much as we can. Let us know your issues and how much time we have and we will come up with the best possible plan. Just trust us!


Written by CityLux senior therapist: Patricia


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