Raspberry Seed Oil for Massage

Read our latest article why Raspberry seed oil is so good for massage treatments.

The Raspberry is well known throughout Northern Europe as a berry often used for jam and consumed as dessert. They also occur in South America and grow on the forest edge and in deep glades, although they have been seen in forests of Finland.

The oil contains vitamin E and carotenes and keeps well. The orange/yellow oil which is extracted from seeds turned to flour has a delicate and attractive odour.

Latin: Rubus ideaus Family: Roseacea Made from: The seed Method of Extraction: Cold pressed from a powdered seed

Historical Use: Raspberry seed oil has been used for some time and it was quiet trendy in the 1960’s based on German work. Since then research has taken place in Canada, France and Finland.

Therapeutic Properties: Raspberry seed oil is the richest source of ellagic acid, a phenolic compound with some importance and potential within prostrate and breast cancer research. The oil has some sun screening properties against UVB and C. Other Uses: Good anti-oxidising properties which make positive impact on the skin. Light oil that leaves little sickness when used for general massage and a good carrier oil where inflammation or skin burn is present, Raspberry leaves are used for throat infections and tisanes.

Contraindications: Raspberry seed oil has no known contraindications however the leaf is contraindicated in pregnancy, if the pregnant lady has a history of rapid labour.