Patricia-From Thailand with love

Thailand, eh?

I bet you were expecting photos of breathtaking scenery with blue waters,  clear skies and long-tail boats Thailand is famous for. That will come later
In this short post I would like to say that 2017 was a year for me of health and awareness (healthy awareness?  Or maybe awareness about health?)
I really started to treat my body as my temple and I meant it!  Using natural cosmetics, go organic whenever I can and most importantly being really really aware and careful about what I eat.
I even started going to the gym!  Yes!  In 2017 I went to the gym for first time!
I’m not too good at it as I don’t have personal trainer but after few months I started noticing effects!
I’m so happy and proud of myself and I wouldn’t like to waste it.
My trip to Thailand is few weeks long and I was worried that being too relaxed on my holiday and letting myself go would take me back to square one, so I promised myself to try to maintain my exercises.
Don’t get me wrong. I am relaxing. Biiiiig time! Not that I was ever too stressed but I’m enjoying myself full time. And still,  I’m proud to announce that couple of times a week I do my exercises in very primitive form and even I manage to pop to the gym now and again!  And of course healthy eating continues!  Which is easy in Thailand anyway 🙂
So my message to humanity is: it can be done!  even on holidays 🙂
And here are some captures of breathtaking Thailand:
Written by CityLux Senior Massage Therapist- Patricia
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