What Is Meant By Natural And Organic

Natural And Organic Terms Are Thrown Around

When we talk about Natural And Organic products, these tend to be terms that are thrown around loosely. On this site are several products with ingredients derived from natural or organic sources which have been defined as naturally based. I normally use the word ‘naturally derived’ ingredients which imply correctly that the ingredient has come from plant or wildlife sources as opposed to manufactured.

What Is Meant By Natural and Organic

Natural often refers to something derived from geological and wildlife sources, be it plants or animals. In essence we are talking about objects that come from the earth or natural environment be it wild animals, rocks, forest, beaches, and in general anything things that has not been altered by human intervention, or which still exist despite human intervention. Organic is a little more complex as it varies from country to country depending upon what their Organic criteria is. An example of best practices for organic substances generally take account of the growing, storage and packaging – basically the whole supply chain should include:

  • no human sewage used as fertilizer in the growing process of plants or the feeding of animals
  • no synthetics like chemical fertilizers, pesticides or anti biotics used in the food production process.
  • farmland that has been free from prohibited synthetic chemicals for a specific number of years
  • detailed written sales logs
  • Proof of physical separation of organic products from non-certified products

How The US Governs Natural And Organic Cosmetics

Natural and Organic cosmetics have a specific meaning in the US.  Care must be taken to how a product is labelled. For example something that is labelled ‘made with Organic’ must have 70% organic based ingredients, if labelled with the single word ‘Organic’ must be made of 95% organic ingredients. On the other the term ‘Natural’ can be used a lot more loosely – it simple implies that the product contains ingredients derived from natural sources rather than manufactured.

The article below covers this in more depth.

How Natural And Organic Are Defined In The US

In the U.S. cosmetics can be certified organic under the USDA requirements for food products. A label reading “made with organic ingredients” means the product must contain at least 70% organically produced ingredients. Products labeled “Organic” must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients. A product which carries the Certified Organic seal follows the 95% rule, has met FDA organic agricultural guidelines and been verified by a third party certifying body. Products made completely of organically produced ingredients may be labeled “100% Organic” and carry the Certified Organic seal. The remaining 5-30% is left up to manufacturer discretion and may be synthetic. USDA Organic Guidelines:

  • No synthetics or GMOs
  • Set terms on animal and environmental treatment
  • “Made with organic ingredients” = at least 70% organic
  • “Organic” or “Certified Organic” = at least 95% organic
  • Both 95% and 100% organic may carry USDA Organic seal

Natural is a different story.  Though there is no legal definition of the term “natural” and no set requirements for a natural product, the general concept is that a natural ingredient is plant, mineral or animal-derived and not synthetic. Because the term is not clearly defined, “natural” is commonly misused in the cosmetics industry. While it is used on labels of products that are made without synthetics, you will also find the term on many cosmetic products made almost entirely of synthetic ingredients. Reading ingredient listings on products labeled natural is your best defense against harmful ingredients.

Be Aware Of  What You Consume

Its important to be fully aware of any cosmetics one consumes.  It is our full intention to publish full Ingredient lists with their meanings for every single product advertised on this site. Very few cosmetic products can claim to be truly natural and organic but it is believed that by being open and honest in this area is better for all in the long term.

CityLux therapists are only using Organic and Fair-trade professional products that are well recognized in professional beauty industry.

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