The end of the work day is finally here. You have been standing up pretty much most of the day. Tell us how your legs feel. CityLux Leg massage

I suspect your legs feel heavy, tired and achy – not feeling their best. This feeling may be because your muscles are oxygen- and nutrient-deprived. Accumulated waste products have left you with sluggish circulation.

The pressure and weight placed on the veins in your legs while you stood up for most of your day is tremendous. Lack of movement reduces the ability of your veins to stay open. Therefore, your circulation is compromised.

Here are some simple ways to help yourself.

Moving your feet at regular intervals is probably the best thing to do if you stand up for a large part of the day. As your muscles and tissues are flooded with fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients, those waste materials will be carried away from the area as your circulation increases.

When you get a chance, put your legs up. Elevating your feet above hip level is a nice circulation-restoring move.

Making an appointment with your massage therapist is another simple option to increase your circulation.

Keep it moving! Our Therapists can help you!

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