Before Your Massage Session

You have booked your massage and now you are anxiously awaiting the sweet hour of pure bliss as you let your cares dissolve away while someone else, a licensed massage therapist, gives you the sole undivided attention that you deserve at your own home/hotel room. You, the paying consumer need ..Continue Reading

What Is Meant By Natural And Organic

What Is Meant By Natural And Organic

Natural And Organic Terms Are Thrown Around When we talk about Natural And Organic products, these tend to be terms that are thrown around loosely. On this site are several products with ingredients derived from natural or organic sources which have been defined as naturally based. I normally use the ..Continue Reading

Elephants also enjoy massage

Perth Zoo’s senior veterinarian Dr Simone Vitali with Tricia Talk about being pampered.  Perth Zoo’s 56-year-old Asian elephant Tricia is receiving 25 minute back and shoulder massages twice daily using a specially designed massage pad usually used on horses. Perth Zoo Senior Vet Dr Simone Vitali said he hoped the ..Continue Reading

Mass-massage world record in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand has long been known as the massage capital of the world. Now, it has a Guinness World Record to prove it. A record-breaking 641 massage therapists mass-massaged 641 people simultaneously for 12 minutes to win the honour at an indoor exhibition hall in Bangkok. The event ..Continue Reading